Almost nothing is as annoying as having your car key nowhere to be found while an important meeting is about to start. It seems like it couldn’t be worse, but then you realize that was your only car key. Most people will panic, that is quite understandable. You might also beat yourself up for being so clumsy in crucial moments. But here’s comforting news: you are not alone. 

People around the world are losing their keys including car keys everyday; in fact, car keys are one of the three most commonly forgotten items everyday. In the US alone, 20 million people lost their car keys every year. In the UK, 15 million people misplace their car keys, and around 3 million people have no spare key. That is why, there is no need to blame yourself for being so careless because you are not being careless – you are just being human. 

However, panicking is the last thing ever needed. Obviously, it is the very opposite of panicking that you should do: be calm. You should compose yourself and, of course, find your car key. If you do not know where to find it, which is a sure thing because you’ve lost it, just start finding it anywhere anyway. Here is some guide of where to start. 

Find It Where You Are 

The darkest place is under the lamp. This Chinese proverb means to say that we tend to overlook what is right under our nose. You might be panicking or in a hurry, so much that you just overlooked that your key is under a piece of material you were about to bring to the meeting. If it was not so, you might accidentally knock your key over as you hurriedly put all the materials from your table into your bag, so try to look under the table as well. 

There is this zone called the Eureka zone. It is an 18-inch-wide zone near where a lost item should be. For example, if your car key should be on your desk, try to look for it within the 18 inch range because that is where usually lost items are found. It would save you much time and energy if your car key was really there. However, if it was not there, it is still a good idea to search there because you have a place to start with instead of panicking. In this case, you can continue the hunt. 

Find It Near Where You Are or in Unusual Places 

Even though it is a good start to search for the lost key in the Eureka Zone, it is never a good idea to overestimate it and keep looking for it in that area over and over again. If you have taken a meticulous look within the 18 inch range, you should move on to the next area. However, you have to do it systematically by searching for the lost key on the next space or room subsequently. For example, you can try to look for it in the living area next to your working desk, or if your desk is in the bedroom you can search your bed after. 

Nevertheless, there might be some unusual cases. Some of you might lose your car keys while you were drunk, or some of you have children who might play around with your stuff including car keys, or maybe some of you are so undeniably careless that you never really have a particular place for anything. For unusual cases like those aforementioned, it is suggested that you try to search in unusual places such as in the bathtub, behind the TV, under the carpet, under your pillow, in the car trunk, on the shelves, or in the most cluttered part of your place. There is a higher possibility to find lost items in those unconvincing places. Overall, you would have located them easily if they were in tidier, more decluttered spaces. 

Find It in Your Car 

After careful search, if you are sure that your lost car keys are still nowhere to be found, you should go to your car and take the hunt there. There are several causes for car lockouts. One of them is you forgetting your keys either in the ignition or on the seat. When this happens, you might be able to get back in by checking all of the doors hoping that one of the doors did not close properly. Even a small mistake or malfunction like that can be a good news during a lockout emergency. 

However, if all the doors and windows are tightly closed, at least you do not have to make a replacement at the moment especially if you are in a hurry. In this case, there are two options: first, you can contact the local police department if your car is in a parking area and is getting in other people’s way to park their car, or secondly, you can contact a local locksmith if you are in a private area like your house or office. Anyway, you can only do so after finding out that your car key is inside your car. If it is not there, then you really need some professional help. 

Contact the Professional 

Finally, when you really cannot find your car keys, you should get some help from the professionals. Auto locksmiths are experts with car keys, so they can readily create you a new car key. They work with different types of car keys: remote keys, and transponder keys. They can craft you a replacement key and reprogram the new car key. Your old key will be deprogrammed and made useless in case it has been stolen, so it is also a safety measure. 

In some specific cases, when your car keys are overwhelmingly sophisticated and allow no locksmith to make a new one and reprogram it, you may have to contact the dealer. As you have to do so, it will require you to pay twice as much as having a locksmith cut and program a new key, but that is the only option you have by now.