If you have built your dream home and think your job is done, think again! This is because just constructing a home or a building is worthless until you provide a good security system to protect your assets.

There is a huge range of lock brands and among them are Schlage and Kwikset Locks. These companies are providing a large variety of locks with multiple features but one must know the advantages of each to determine which one is giving the ideal protection.

Before you buy go ahead and read this comprehensive comparison before selecting a lock and see which one is better for your needs: Schlage or Kwikset?

Schlage and Kwikset – A Brief Background

Schlage, founded in 1920 is a well-renowned lock brand with quite dynamic heavy-duty locks and innovative features like a smart lock and alarm technology. While Kwikset was founded in 1946, is known for producing light commercial locks.

In addition to locks both of these companies manufacture digital pads, keypads, drawer locks, and many more locks to provide the best protection

Schlage vs. Kwikset Locks – A Comprehensive Comparison 

There are certain features present in any lock or among the different locks of the same company. What you need to do is compare all features that are compared below to make the right selection.

Intruder Alarm Warning: When a suspected person tries to enter the house, the built-in alarm sets off, and the intruder is made known to the homeowner and will flee. It is one of the best and advanced smart lock features with built-in alarm technology. You may even get a notification on your smartphone. Till now this feature has been introduced in Schlage smart locks while Kwikset locks are not yet offering this technology.

No Need to Switch Locks – Easy Re-key: Yes, Kwikset offers the easy re-key feature. In case you have lost your key, you don’t need to switch locks and go through a complex and intricate procedure to make a new key. You can get a new key in seconds. If you have Kwikset locks it’s quite easy for you to get another key while if you have Schlage lock you may not have it so easy.

Longer and Stronger Bolt: The bolt is the main securing part of any lock that makes it firm and more secure. It helps to keep the door closed when locked and prevents it from opening with force. So, if the bolt is longer and stronger, intruders find it difficult to make an entry. If we compare Schlage to Kwikset Locks based on bolts, Schlage locks are the winner in this race because they have the strength to keep the burglar out of your house. Kwikset locks have a sturdy bolt however not as strong as Schlage.

More Security Pins – More Protection: As a general rule, security pins are the prime security contributors. More pins mean more security, and between Schlage and Kwikset locks, Kwikset locks have only two pins while Schlage locks have four pins providing more security.

Drill Resistance Security: There are drill resistant steel plates in the locks that make them sturdy and drill resistant. Schlage locks come with such secure plates while Kwikset locks don’t have any such plate increasing chances of robbery with the use of Kwikset lock.

Lock Versatility: If we compare locks of both companies ‘Schlage and Kwikset Locks’, it would be clear that some of the qualities are being offered by both of the brands so they are able to compete with each other. One of those features is the versatility in the lock styles.

Schlage and Kwikset provide plenty of options. If you want a smart lock with a handle, you may get these from both of the companies while if you feel a deadbolt would be feasible for your uses, you may choose that one depending upon your security needs.

Schlage vs. Kwikset Locks Price – Make a Better Choice: While choosing a lock another important factor is its price. Many people go with a low cost lock rendering it more economical but logically, spend more money on a worthy lock can save your huge money if a robbery were to be attempted. Schlage locks are more expensive than Kwikset locks but you can’t put a price on a feeling of security.

So, by now you must have gotten a very clear picture of Schlage and Kwikset locks. We may conclude that both companies are trying to come forward but to date Schlage locks provide better security with their quality features to ensure your family and assets are safer.

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