As the number of crimes increases with every passing day, the need to protect our homes and businesses rises as well. To give yourself and your valuable items a high level of security you need high-security locks. 

Unlike other simple locks, high-security locks are well known for being resistant to forced entry and manipulation. The following are the top reasons that describe the importance of high-security locks and why you need to invest in them today!

High-Security Locks are Very Difficult to Pick 

When we use standard locks, a burglar can use simple tools to easily break-in the building by picking the lock within minutes. But the same can’t be said about a high-security lock. The reason is that the cuts inside their keyway are angled in such a way that they can’t be used to open that lock without its original key. Technologies used in such locks make them pick-resistant and therefore, more secure.

Patented Keys that cannot be Easily Duplicated 

For a thief, getting a duplicate of a simple lock key is as easy as picking or drilling it, which makes these locks unable to provide protection against most criminal activity. While on the other hand, the key of a high-security lock system is made up of a patented design, which makes it very difficult to get its duplicate from a local locksmith. 

In case you misplace or lose your original key, only your licensed locksmith can provide you its duplicate.

Control Your Security System Remotely 

Even if you are away from your home or any other property, you can always keep an eye on your security system. Forgot to lock a door? Lock it even if you are far away. With the advanced technologies used in building high-security locks, you can unlock or lock a door, window, cabinet, etc. with your mobile phone or computer easily. 

It also allows you to set a security alarm that will set off if someone tries to break in. You will get a notification on your device and can immediately contact the local police to take matters in their hands.

Track Keys of High-Security Locks

With the help of key tracking software, you can track where your key is. This is helpful when you misplace your key.

This key control software provides your keys protection and makes management of different keys easier. You can also control who to give access to a particular area. It will restrict the entrance of any unauthorized person if he/she tries to enter in that area with a key without your permission. 

Provides Drill Protection

Some thieves use drills to gain access to an area. Drilling a lock takes only a few minutes but it damages the lock making it unable to be ever used again. You don’t only lose your assets but also end up replacing a destroyed lock with a new one. 

But if you have installed a high-security lock in your house or any other property, you can get protection against lock drilling. It is composed of strong metals that provide a shield and resistance against drilling. Their internal mechanisms are also designed to make these locks drill proof. 

Provides Safety against Lock Bumping 

Lock bumping is another technique used by burglars to unlock a door and gain entry into the restricted or secured area. They use a specially designed key, called a bump key, to displace pins inside the keyhole by bumping the key hard with another tool. A single bump key can be used to open multiple locks. 

High-security locks are internally designed in such a way that bumping them is nearly impossible. You can relax with the superior protection that these locks provides.

Is Investing Your Money in High-Security Locks Worth It?

With multiple tricks to unlock a lock, simple locks are of no help against experienced burglers as they fail to provide a high level of protection and security. If you value your assets and family then high-security locks are worth buying. They provide all you need to get full security as well as peace of mind. You can even customize a high-security lock system according to your needs.

So, protect the things you value before it is too late. It is better to invest today to save yourself from any greater loss tomorrow!

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