Door locks are arguably one of the most important factors in home security. And there are times when you should or feel the need to change your lock so that your privacy and safety are more secure.

If you are considering changing the door lock in your house, then there are several things that must be considered before doing so. Before discussing the things that must be considered, it’s a good idea to first know the difference between replacing vs rekeying. 

Replacing vs Rekeying 

Changing the door lock can be done by replacing it or simply rekeying. What is clear is that these two methods will cause the old key to no longer to be used to open the door. Even though these two things can be done by yourself, it is highly recommended to entrust this work to a professional expert. 

Replacing Method. 

As one of the most comprehensive methods of ensuring the safety of your home, the obvious way is to remove the locks on the doors (including certain types of doorknobs) and then install a new lock on the door. The cost incurred is around USD 70 to USD 400 per key, the amount of the fee also depends on the quality. You will also need to pay extra when calling a professional to install it. If you want to install the lock yourself (to save costs), there are many options for locks that can be installed yourself, complete with installation instructions. 

The Rekeying Method. 

If you live in an apartment, it may not be easy for you to replace your door lock. Because there are certain standards for getting a door lock replacement permit. The rekeying process is carried out by aligning the pins and springs on the inside of the door lock in order to match the new key.

The thing to remember, rekeying will not repair the inside of a door lock that is worn or damaged, in other words you still have to immediately replace the lock if the locking mechanism is cracked or bent. For professional rekeying services, you only need to provide a budget of around USD 75 to USD 170 for their service fees. If you decide to do it yourself, you can buy a DIY rekeying kit for around USD 12 to USD 25, but do so at your own risk. 

Male hand with key

The following are several things you should consider in order to immediately change the key: 

1. Replace the old keys when you move into the house. 

When the contractor builds a new house, of course, the house is equipped with a door lock, which means that there are many people who may have duplicates of the key, such as subcontractors, building inspectors, real estate agents etc. If you buy this house, make sure the sale and purchase agreement is written about the replacement of door locks, and usually this key replacement process is the responsibility of the house builder (Real estate agents only ensure the completion of the transaction process and fulfill the things promised by the builder. home).

This seems trivial but is actually very vital for the security of your home, you will never know how many keys are circulating in the hands of these residential business actors. And you could be threatened if there are bad actors who use this key illegally to open your new home. Apart from buying a new house, even if you only rent a house, make sure there is a replacement door lock on the rental agreement, and you may be asked to give the new key to the landlord. 

2. Replace broken door locks. 

The keys will eventually wear out like any other moving part mechanism. Using the wrong key to unlock the door or doing repetitive movements for daily activities of opening and locking the door will one day cause the internal lock mechanism to become damaged and consequently the key becomes stuck or difficult to turn. And you need to remember, you won’t be able to use the rekeying method for worn or damaged door locks, the best way of course is to replace your door locks. 

3. Replace the door lock when your key is lost or stolen. 

Maybe you are a person who likes to keep keys in your bag, and when bad luck strikes, your bag and the keys to your house are stolen. So one of the important things that you must do immediately is replace the lock on your door (maybe these thieves have seen your address on your ID card and are preparing for their next project to rob your house).

The account method is one of your options for this situation, and do this if one of your family members loses their key or it gets stolen too. Because the rekeying process still requires the original key, you can definitely do it immediately to secure your home, if you are the only key holder (and oh my, all the keys are stolen), then you must immediately replace all the locks on your door. 

4. Consider the convenience of having one master key. 

It must be very annoying if you have to look for the keys to your front door from a dozen keys which may consist of front door locks, back door locks, room door keys, etc. Of course, it is very convenient if you have one master key that fits all door locks in your home, including garage door locks.

This can be done by the rekeying method, but it should be noted that the style of the lock internal mechanism varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. It is better if all the door locks in your house come from one manufacturer (brand), with the rekeying method you can immediately lock all the doors in your house with one master key. If all the doors to your house come from different manufacturers, then you are forced to replace all the locks on your door, consider how much it costs to do this.