Changing Locks On New House

Door locks are arguably one of the most important factors in home security. And there are times when you should or feel the need to change your lock so that your privacy and safety are more secure. If you are considering changing the door lock in your house, then there are several things that must […]

Schlage vs. Kwikset Locks: Which One is the Right Choice?

If you have built your dream home and think your job is done, think again! This is because just constructing a home or a building is worthless until you provide a good security system to protect your assets. There is a huge range of lock brands and among them are Schlage and Kwikset Locks. These […]

The Importance of High-Security Locks: Why You Need to Invest in Locks Today!

As the number of crimes increases with every passing day, the need to protect our homes and businesses rises as well. To give yourself and your valuable items a high level of security you need high-security locks.  Unlike other simple locks, high-security locks are well known for being resistant to forced entry and manipulation. The […]